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Day 25 :: Headaches….but what a night! The lemonchello was just too good. I wanted a pizza. We spent the morning driving up and down the Italian coastline looking for photo opportunities. It was madness driving here. I had been before but only via public transport…it was a first for driving. I’m shocked I’ve survived thus far without any accidents. I literally rolled out the car in mental exhaustion when I finally parked . The streets are so narrow, and the Italians drive like madmen…the honks that we got became our soundtrack and I started to consider them a badge of pride (sorry Italian drivers..I was that tourist). There was not a single parking spot on the entire Italian coastline so we couldn’t even stop for coffee. We decided to try our luck on the French Riviera instead and headed along the coast that way. The views were spectacular alongside the ocean road but I was pulling our my hair as there was no place to stop and take any photographs. A stunning tease around every corner. No parking anywhere! And the traffic was mad! We got nowhere. My thoughts of revisiting previous trips to Cinque Terre and Nice were being crushed. Finally, in pain and anguish I pulled the plug on this side trip. I wanted a day on the beach on the Riviera, cocktail in hand, floating in the warm waters..mingling with the beautiful locals and practicing my horrific Italian and French…but we were getting nowhere. Two days of driving, so many tolls, so many K’s…the views were beautiful but sadly I got nothing photo wise. Normally I’d relish the chance to just be here, but I was on assignment. I was quite defeated..maybe our first real fail on this trip of chance.

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