healthy_food_regram ha spedito questa cartolina da Sanremo scrivendo:
RG @nibsandgreens: We were tagged by the lovely Sam @wholesomepatisserie to list our 10 things that make us happy😊 Here they are: 1⃣smoothies – usually green, always creamy, & we have at least one a day 2⃣working out – sculpt, spin, yoga, HIIT, run, walk, BBG 3⃣ family/friend dinners 4⃣recipe developing – our creative outlet 5⃣laying in the sun with a good book 6⃣sharing food with others 7⃣love and laughter – we could all use more of it! 8⃣becoming regulars at places we go often – we’re usually referred to as “the twins” 9⃣matcha – can’t get enough of it! #matchaeveryday 🔟doing what we love as our career❤️ that was fun! Pictured are our Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes that you can find on our blog! If we tagged you, we look forward to reading what makes you happy😃 #regramapp

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