healthy_food_regram ha spedito questa cartolina da Sanremo scrivendo:
RG @the_smoothie_agent: Good morning to my Insta family! I want to share a page @owlmaniac88 with you that has lots of clean eating and inspo, remember take it day by day to achieve your goals in health! I like to adapt recipes and to fit my diet and I feel I learn a lot from my insta family every day! Go check @owlmaniac88

Original recipe:
150g. Frozen raspberries
100g. Soya yogurt
20-40g. Xylit
My adapted recipe:

150g. Frozen raspberries
1/2. Avocado
1. Frozen banana
2. Madjool dates
50ml. Almond milk

I would garish with almond flake and goji berries #regramapp

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